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Christmas 2015

I had decided to enjoy and give this Christmas, I gave blankets to a homeless person, I gave toys and blankets to children in the building, and I decided that giving was better than getting. I decided to give my daughter Kayla a drone so she can create something for herself as she travels to New Brunswick this summer. So far she says it’s great and pretty cool! I decided to play Santa and leave gifts for children who after living in Syria and having to leave their country, to come here, and have to try and make a new life. Young Moms are taking care of their children, fathers are trying to get work and build a new life here. While I have tried to be inconspicuous with them, people don’t need someone hovering over them as they acclimate to a new life in Canada. What I have found, is they are kind, really nice people. I smell spices, lofting in the hallways here, there’s got to be some great cooks here! The aroma of spices lingers in the hallways and it smells wonderful to come home too.


There are a few problems such as people putting in Christmas decorations in my locker, which I thought was strange, but other than that, there are a very few problems, and put them to the side, at first, as I explained to the manager, and him telling me to throw it away or do what I wanted with them, I felt confused as to why someone felt I needed them? I didn’t feel right about tossing them away, and put mostly to the side with the other things cast aside. I guess “things” don’t really matter to some, as for others?


In the end, Christmas has been about being with two my daughters while Renee is with Jose in Spain climbing boulders. I did phone up her at his Grandmother’s place, and my Spanish needs some work! I’m truly grateful for my daughter’s gifts, Kayla made me a spatula, Sarah gave me baked goodies, Renee sent me a beautiful scarf, and neckless, which I am thankful for, life so far has been peaceful here.


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