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1st women’s march in Mission BC Canada

Here is the first ever March in Mission BC Canada, which I accidently happened upon. They didn’t¬†announce they were going to go, and simply just did the walk. They did contact RCMP who had followed in front and behind the marchers. ¬†The video is pretty good for a first time I had ever had success with it. I’ve taken lots of pictures, but to have the video work out well, was an achievement. I gave the people of the Mission Center a copy of the video today, and hopefully they like it. For the march itself, it was a very moving experience to see men and women being so supportive of each other and in the end to give two women a blanket of comfort, and to comfort their tears of fears. After all, that’s what they do at the Mission everyday.

The Center is located on First Street in Mission, BC Canada




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